Wedding One: First Wedding of the 2016 Season

May 9, 2016




On Saturday, April 9th, 2016 God smiled on Mr. and Mrs. Yates wedding day. It was a cool breezy spring day with temperatures in the upper 40s', low 50s'. The skies were deep blue accented by puffy white cloud cover. If there was ever a picture perfect day to have an outdoor wedding, this was the definition. 


Our day started at noon in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Bowling Green Country Club. The drive up to the clubhouse was beautiful with rolling hills and a view over the treeline which stretched for miles. Julie began getting close-ups of the different decorations and wedding specific items while I tried my best to capture the beauty of the venue.


After the bridal party was dressed and ready, Kevin and Leanne decided to do a "First Touch". Under an awning on one corner of the building, Kevin stood on one side, and Leanne stood on the other joining hands and giving each other a verbal message before they walked down the aisle. With this being my 4th wedding season shooting wedding films surprisingly this was the first time I personally captured this kind of moment. I've seen everything from letters to first looks, but this gave the couple a feeling of connection without impeding on the traditional value of not seeing each other before the wedding. It's one of the moments 30 years down the road that will be a memory worth watching over and over again.


While we were setting up for the ceremony there was an "oughto" moment. I turned on my camera and got the message "the last file was not written correctly, do you want to recover? Previous files may be lost in the process". You might guess my reaction (it wasn't pleasant). I continued with the recovery and boom...the files couldn't be seen on my camera. This has never happened before and I went into a raged panic trying to figure out what just happened. Fortunately, there was still data on the card and my laptop was able to remove the files which were then view-able. Whew...dodged that bullet.


Now that it was time for the ceremony, Julie was on my brand new, fully customized 20 inch camera platform riser that worked out quite well. Since the ceremony was outside and in a large open field we experimented with different angles and distances to see what worked best. I was on my typical shoulder rig roaming to each significant location during the ceremony. With the ceremony starting at 5pm and the time of year it was, the lighting was perfect. Everything went smoothly and the ceremony was beautiful.


If there's one portion of the day I could convince every couple to do is to let the photographer and videographer have a 45 minute -1 hour session at "golden hour". For those of you who don't know what golden hour is, right before the sun starts to set there is an hour window where the sun produces golden light. This light can't be easily mimicked and is revered by photographers/videographers. Depending on the time of year determines what time this hour occurs and how long it occurs (it's not always an hour). Since Leanne and Kevin had not seen each other before the ceremony we were able to capture their portraits during golden hour. The photographers, Julie, and myself were like kids in a candy store. We unloaded the repertoire of film making skills attempting to capture as much beautiful footage as we could during this window in time. Needless to say it turned out quite well.


Once the reception began, we captured all of the traditional events: party entrance, dances, toasts, cake cutting, toasts, etc. Everyone was having a wonderful time showing the dance skills to songs like the electric slide and Silento's "watch me"  ( now watch me me nae nae) I may or may not have participated in this. That'll be left to your imagination. After the reception was over, the newlyweds were sent off to a sparkler exit and on to happily ever after!




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