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About me

Hello, my name is Andrew Swanson and I create memorable wedding stories through the art of cinematography & videography.


Since college I've directed the majority of my energy, passion, and hard work towards achieving my dream of creating videos. It's taken years to really understand what that meant. After creating dozens of wedding stories, various music videos, commercials, television pilots, and everything under the sun I realized my purpose. Creating, in all of its forms. My purpose is to create through the medium of video. Whether it's telling a story, or selling a product, or materializing the memories of a couple's wedding day. No matter what life throws in the way I will always be here standing behind this camera, because it's what I'm destined to do.

With Filmik Weddings, my mission is to provide wedding couples, families, and friends with life-long memories of their wedding day by capturing every kiss, every tear of joy, every moment.




Let's talk

2413 Nashville Road

Bowling Green, KY 42101